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Trademark Office Organized an Education Meeting for a Clean and Honest Party and Government

  • 2015-05-27
  •   In the afternoon of March 6, Trademark Office organized an education meeting for a clean and honest party and government, where spirits of the national video and audio meeting in AIC system for the clean and honest party and government construction, and of the training on entity responsibilities for grass-root party secretaries were conveyed. The meeting also seriously implemented the SAIC party committee’s work deployment and promoted an intensified work in the office. Xu Ruibiao, party secretary of Trademark Office party committee and the director general of Trademark Office hosted the meeting. Ouyang Shaohua, full-time vice party secretary of Trademark Office party committee conveyed relevant meetings’ spirits. All other leading members and all staffs of Trademark Office participated in the meeting. In the meeting, an instructional video by He xin, leader of the discipline team of SAIC party committee, on training about entity responsibilities was also broadcasted.

      Xu Ruibiao, on behalf of Trademark Office party committee briefly introduced the previous year’s basic information on the party and government construction and made a comprehensive deployment for implementing spirits and intensifying the construction. He said, minister Zhang Mao combined the analysis of Party Central Committee on the combat against corruption with specific conditions for AIC and market supervisions, elaborated relevant situations and challenges, clarified overall requirements and issues, released specific work requirements and indicated directions for further promoting the party and government constructions. He required all staffs of Trademark Office to united understandings on the Party Central Committee’s and SAIC’s analysis, to united actions on the Party Central Committee’s and SAIC’s decisions and deployments, to closely focus on trademark work realities and to constantly promote the party and government constructions. Xu indicated six requirements for the staffs. First is to strengthen the understandings on current serious situations on the construction to constantly intensify the consciousness and firmness. Second is to keep in line with the Party Central Committee, seriously keep the party’s disciplines and rules, to strengthen the observations. Third is to carry out the entity responsibilities, to clarify their obligations and to seriously perform the duties. Forth is to continue implementing eight rules made by the Party Central Committee, to change the work styles in a serious attitude and to explore a long term mechanism. Fifth is to integrate the construction with trademark works to regularize trademark registrations and administrations, and to accept public supervisions. Sixth is to intensity the group leaderships on the construction to promote a solid protection for the reform of trademark work.

      All staffs expressed their learnings after the study, such as it intensified the understandings on the seriousness and complication of the construction, and it strengthened their consciousness and confidences. They also highly valued Director General Xu’s speech, for which was not only a work deployment but also a brain mobilization, not only a wonderful lecture but also an instructive training for promoting the honest and clean party and government construction. They showed their resolutions to strengthen their studies on series speeches, to implement decisions and deployments, to adjust themselves to the new situations of trademark works, to voluntarily perform duties and carry out the anti-corruption work into daily issues, to constantly promote development for the construction and to provide solid protections for trademark reforms.

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