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Liu Junchen required to practically improve enforcements according to laws and to comprehensively promote strategy for trademarks when investigation in Guangdong

  • 2015-05-27
  •   From March 24 to 27, Liu Junchen, party member of the SAIC party committee and vice minister of SAIC went to Guangdong for evaluating and investigating AIC legal constructions. Xu Ruisheng, vice governor of Guangdong province met with Liu Junchen and the evaluation team.

      Liu Junchen visited the enterprises registration hall in Guangdong AIC, watched computer supervision platform demonstrations and commercial system reform documentary, and listened to reports on AIC legal constructions made by main responsible staffs of the department. He went to grass-root units in Foshan and Zhaoqing to express his gratitude for the staffs working there. He also went to Foshan Xinmingzhu Group, Zhaoqing Dinghu Shanquan Company and Guangzhou Zhongxin Knowledge city for investigations and organized workshops to solicit opinions.

      Liu Junchen indicated that under the leadership of SAIC and Guangdong Party Committee and Guangdong Government, Guangdong AIC had clear work plans, took solid procedures, insisted on overall situations, exercised innovating abilities and got a breakthrough in commercial system and mechanism reforms and an achievement in the legal construction of AIC system. He required Guangdong AIC for the next step, to implement the spirit of speech by Premier Li Keqiang when investigating in SAIC, to strengthen the legal construction of AIC system, to practically improve the enforcements according to laws and to intensify trademark strategy to promote brand and economic development.

      Liu Junchen stressed that to intensify the understandings on AIC legal constructions, to practically promote the enforcement according to laws, to innovate supervisions, to further improve the link between administrative enforcement with judicial procedures for which the operations could be communicated among People’s Courts, AICs and market supervision authorities, and to improve the ability of enforcement according to laws and the level of administrative enforcement. He required to promote trademark registration to be more convenient for enterprises, to maintain the legal time period, to strengthen trademark database and online application system development and to instruct enterprises to use the marks in a rational way. He required to intensify law enforcement, to strengthen the cracking downs on infringements and counterfeits and trademark free-ride behaviors, and to made promotions and summarizations on major cases. He expressed to construct a joint governance by the government, the enterprise, and the society.

      Relevant staffs from Legal Affairs department of SAIC, Trademark Office, the Cooperation Center for Trademark Examinations and Guangdong AIC joined the investigation.

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