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Strengthening Communication and Cooperation to Jointly Promote Brand Economy development – Liu Junchen expressed at 2015 Cross-Strait Trademark Forum

  • 2015-07-07

         From April 23 to 28, Liu Junchen, vice minister of SAIC and counselor of China Trademark Association, leading China Trademark Association Delegation, went to Taiwan for 2015 Cross-Strait Trademark Forum which was jointly organized by the Chinese Commercial and Industrial Coordination Society (CCICS) and China Trademark Association (CTA), and for relevant investigations and communications.

      Liu Junchen, in the forum’s opening address, expressed that CTA and CCICS cooperated and communicated with each other, had conducted multiple and rich actions, which strongly promoted communication and cooperation across the Strait. It was the tenth year since the concluding the cooperation agreement between CTA and CCICS, and also the fifth year since the concluding and validity of Cross-Strait IP Protection and Cooperation Agreement. In the recent five years, cross Strait cooperation has great achievements. Trademark application and registration from Taiwan grew steadily. There were about 110 thousand trademark registrations still in force by the end of 2014. Meanwhile trademark case coordinating mechanism and trademark workgroup across the Strait went smoothly. Remarkable achievements have been made to the protections on trademarks in relating to Taiwan, which effectively protected the interests of well-known trademark enterprises oriented in Taiwan.

      Liu Junchen stressed that trademark protection was very important not only to promote trade developments but also brand buildings across Strait. SAIC, as a competent authority in market supervision and trademark administration, had paid great attentions on IP protections in relating to Taiwan, and would continue to protect Taiwan enterprises’ trademarks and brands according to Laws.

      Almost 200 person including experts, scholars, practitioners and enterprises’ representatives across the Strait participated in the forum and made thorough discussions in the practice of new Trademark Law and brand cooperation development strategy across Strait.

      During the investigation and visit in Taiwan, the delegation conducted 19 times workshop to communicate with local Taiwan people. It visited relevant person in charge of CCICS, held meetings with Taiwan leading brand enterprises, visited mainland enterprise conducting business in Taiwan such as the Taiwan Office of China Chamber of Machinery and Electronic Products, discussed cross Strait trademark protection, innovation and business pioneering with young students in National University of Kaohsiung, and went into High Mountain Tea production region to investigate and research on the administration and protection to High Mountain Tea geographical indication in Taiwan.

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