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  • We started China Trademark because we believe it should be easy to start a business. One of the first challenges you face as an entrepreneur or brand owner is to find a new name for your business registration in china, product or service. Finding a good name has always been hard. But this has become increasingly difficult today due to the crowded name situation - both regarding domain names and trademarks. To simplify the initial trade marking a name process for you, we developed China Trademark. The instantChina Trademarkdata results save your time and screen out any unavailable patent or trademarks before further investing. The fastest search service can allow customers to search all trademarks which have been registered or are being applied for in mainland China from the year 1980 to the 6 months before today. All trademarks' legal status can also be searched, including those approved CTMO. The system can follow the registration number, Chinese, English, and varieties of ways to search. Chinese registration numbers are arranged in accordance with the Arabic numerals in additive manner. We hope this will help you find a strong and effective name for your new busines

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